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23 January 2014

JSTARS Likely Here to Stay

Author: Dr. David L. Rockwell, Drawn From: Military Electronics Briefing

JSTARS plans have been in flux for a few years now, as the specter of cancellation of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) has loomed over the Air Force and major upgrade funding for other important programs has been withheld. In 2013 the Air Force has been more proactive about saying they will not fund a major JSTARS upgrade before retirement, but the list of upgrades in the FY14 budget is still a long list. And sustainment alone is very expensive, so why not continue at least with electronics upgrades?

22 January 2014

Market Outlook for Boeing AH-64 Apache 'Thin'

Author: Richard L. Aboulafia, Drawn From: World Military & Civil Aircraft Briefing

Future prospects for the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter are somewhat thin. India is the best short-term prospect, with a likely order for 22. But on the positive side, the challengers are not looking great. The AH-1Z looks hopeless after South Korea. Eurocopter's Tiger looks rather sickly. In theory, the re-born AW129 (with Turkish help) could play a role, but the odds aren't in its favor. It lacks the heavy attack and sensor capabilities of the Longbow Apache. It also lacks the US stamp of approval. The two designs are effectively in different market niches.

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