William C. Storey, Jr.

William C. Storey, Jr.
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Bill is founder and president of Teal Group, a company he established in 1987 to provide business intelligence for the worldwide aerospace and defense community. The company currently comprises six analysts and several other support personnel. Primary activities focus on the forecast of the production of, and the markets for, a wide variety of aerospace and defense equipment, including military and civilian aircraft, missiles and smart munitions, spacecraft and launch vehicles, and electronics.

Teal employs "open source intelligence" techniques to gather its information, i.e., no classified or proprietary sources are used. Findings are published in a series of monthly updated report compilations called Briefing Books. Also, the company is involved in providing consulting services to a variety of US and international companies and governments.

Before Teal, Bill served as managing editor of special studies for DMS, Inc. in Greenwich, CT. During his seven years with DMS, he edited a wide range of research studies on such subjects as aircraft engines, defense budgets, and industrial process. In developing the Special Studies Division of DMS, he supervised the researching, writing, and publication of numerous annual special studies that succeeded in producing more than $1 million in revenues per year. These included World Military Aircraft Forecast, World Helicopter Forecast, International Defense Budgets, Top 500 RDT&E Companies, World Armored Vehicle Forecast, Remotely Piloted Vehicles, and Surveillance & Reconnaissance.

Bill has been reporting on and analyzing the defense and aerospace business since he received his MA in Journalism from the University of Missouri in 1979. He also earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Delaware.

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