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September 01, 2014

Bombardier's Uncertain Future

Richard L. Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis

Bombardier has endured a summer that can be characterized as a series of serious cuts. The setbacks and wounds raise difficult questions about the company's future. •In late May, an engine failure grounded the CSeries test fleet. It remains grounded. The company has not announced a new certification schedule, but hopes for a 2015 service entry are fading fast.

July 22, 2014

F-35 Absent, And Stuck In Second Gear

Richard L. Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis

First, the good news. Even though the recent F-35 fire and subsequent fleet grounding came at a bad time, it likely will be brief. Since the aircraft has accumulated more than 3,000 flights and 5,000 flight hours, the problem is highly unlikely to be related to a serious design flaw. As of late last week, it appeared to be the result of "excessive rubbing" of engine blades on the powerplant cowling.

May 16, 2014

Raytheon Strengthens Market Positions

Philip Finnegan, Director, Corporate Analysis

Company profitability has improved dramatically. Profit margins are now high and continuing to increase. The goal now is to make the company more of a systems integrator in areas such as unmanned aerial vehicles rather than a supplier of individual subsystems. Debt reduction has taken precedence over acquisitions although the company has been very active in making small, niche acquisitions in cyber security.

July 23, 2014

When Keeping the Space Station Open Suddenly Became a Cause Célèbre

Marco A. Caceres, Senior Space Analyst

Repeat after me... Z-vez-da. Remember that word, because you'll be hearing it a lot over the next few months, and probably years. Zvezda is a space module that weighs about 42,000 pounds. It was launched aboard a Russian Proton K rocket to low earth orbit (LEO) on July 12, 2000. About a year later, it became the cornerstone of the International Space Station (ISS)...

June 02, 2014

Why Russian Aerospace Will Survive Just Fine...

Richard L. Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis

Cemeteries are sad; sadder still is a large field of unmarked graves. After this year's Berlin Air Show (ILA), my Teal colleagues Bill Storey, Joel Johnson, Phil Finnegan and I all trundled off on a road trip to see battlefields in Eastern Germany and Poland. Thanks to Bill's borderline obsessive attention to topographical detail, we walked on pretty fields where, in 1945, tens of thousands of bodies fell along the Kustrin Highway, the Third Reich's last stand.

May 16, 2014


Steven J. Zaloga, Senior Analyst


The CAMM effort is further evidence of the collapse of multi-national European missile efforts under MBDA. In theory, the British FLAADS requirement could be satisfied by MICA-VL which is basically in the same niche as FLAADS. Instead, the British side of MBDA is engaging in an entirely separate effort from the French or Germans to satisfy domestic needs and to create an attractive export product to re-place the past generation of Rapier/Seawolf.

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